Where To Buy Rainbow Loom Bracelet Kit

Rainbow Loom Bracelet KitTwistz Bandz Rainbow Loom is easy to work with. Remember those childhood days when friendship bands and bracelets would be made by hand and exchanged as proof of everlasting friendship? Well today’s kids may be technologically much more advanced than their parents were at their age but they are still kids after all and parents should ensure that they instill good qualities like hard work, maintenance of friendships and development of mechanical skills.

Getting or gifting kids Rainbow Loom Bracelet Kit is the perfect way to inculcate these desired qualities. Although girls tend to enjoy such activities more than boys, in today’s world of equality in toys, this makes for a perfect gift for the little lads as well. So with the rising popularity of Rainbow loom many parents are wondering where to buy Rainbow Loom Bracelet Kit

A perfect pastime for tweens

Twistz Bandz Rainbow Loom serves as the perfect distraction for the restless minds of tweens aged between 9 and 12 who keep complaining of getting bored during holidays and weekends. This kit will put them to constructive use and enhance their mechanical skills. The attractive looking kit consists of 2 templates, a hook, C-clips, an instruction manual and more than 600 pieces of latex free rubber bands, all of which will help kids create fancy and funky rubber bracelets, bands or bangles. Kids will be able to make an infinite number of different color and design combinations. Thus this kit challenges their minds to become better with each band they make.

Does the dual work of offering fun along with the development of skills

Rarely does one come across a gift for kids that will serve the dual purpose of providing them fun as well as developing their skills. Handiwork goes a long way and they will always have keepsakes of the good times they had with their childhood pals. The materials included in the kit are enough to make up to 24 bracelets. Many times a particular material starts to fall short, say a hook, a clip or latex rubber bands, in which case users can always order extras for small prices through Amazon by clicking here. It has all the refills needed to make extra bands and bracelets for and when needed.

The Magic of Rainbow Loom

It may be a bit challenging for the kid to get a hold on how to go about making these bands and bracelets for which they need to read the instructions manual carefully. Once they get the hold of it, say after making a couple of bands, they will be able to make each band in about 7 to 10 minutes. The colors of the bands are all fluorescent and bright which look really adorable on the hands of the kids. It instills a sense of independence and pride in the kids when they craft these bands and wear them.

Where to buy Rainbow Loom Bracelet Kit?

We have been going on and on about this Rainbow Loom Bracelet Kit which is ‘oh so much fun’ but yet to answer your question, ‘Where to buy Rainbow Loom?’ Well the best secured price was found online at Amazon. Check the low price for yourself byclicking here. The cost is a small price to pay for the hours of fun and loads of memories that your kids will generate when they are handed this loom pack as a gift.