Easy And Simple Steps On How To Make A Rainbow Loom Bracelet

How to make a Rainbow Loom BraceletCan you still remember the craze about friendship bracelets that were replaced by the slap bracelets, then the Silly Bandz? Today, a new commodity is now invading the wrists of many children — the rainbow loom bracelets. Using a kit armed with simple instructions, children can now easily learn how to make a rainbow loom bracelet on their own. The kit includes a loom, multi-colored rubber bands, and a crochet hook.

The Inventor

Cheong Choon Ng, the Michigan-based Malaysian, created the Rainbow Loom. He invented it while spending time in his house’s basement. Supposedly, rainbow loom is a family project that he is making with his two daughters and wife. In an interview segment, Ng told the interviewer that his daughters were the ones who really started doing it about three years ago. He became fascinated with the creation of his daughters so he asked them how to make a rainbow loom bracelet.

It was not easy for him learning to make a rainbow loom bracelet. Since his daughter’s fingers are tinier than his, he started using push pins to make them. The result was not really impressive. Eventually, as time passed by, he discovered easier techniques in making a rainbow loom bracelet. The Ng family started making YouTube videos on how to make a rainbow loom, then orders began to fill their mailbox. As of August this year, Choon Ng has sold about a million Rainbow Loom kits and the “how to make rainbow loom bracelet” YouTube video has hit more than three million views.

Simple Steps in Making a Rainbow Loom Bracelet

Kids will find it easier to follow the steps in making a rainbow loom bracelet through the videos that are uploaded in YouTube. But there are a lot of stay-at-home moms who also want to learn the easy techniques of making their own Rainbow Loom bracelets to be given as gifts or giveaways. Here are the simple instructions that you can follow:

1. Get Your Supplies

How can you start making your Rainbow Loom bracelets if you do not have the necessary supplies? You can buy Rainbow Loom bracelet kits from the nearest stationery and toy store near you.

2. Set Up Your Rainbow Loom Kit

In setting up your kit, you must be able to make everything organized. Select your colors and group them separately. Then, get your Rainbow Loom. Make sure that the U-shaped pegs are faced up.

3. Start Making Your Rainbow Loom Bracelet

Start your loom sideways following the arrows that are pointing either way. You can start with twisted rubber band that forms the number 8. Then, add two more rubber bands on top. Put them the normal way, not twisted. You can now take off the rubber band at the bottom part with a pick. Again, add two more rubber bands, and so on. Repeat this step until you have the length of your choice. To close your loom, join the two ends with a c-clip that is included in your kit. That is how to make rainbow loom bracelet in the most easy way!